ApplicationsCure Adhesive on Synthetic

An airline service center curing adhesive on synthetic materials while repairing the interior of airplanes.
  • Portability - The curing station needed to be portable so it could easily be moved from place to place within different airplanes. 
  • Speed - The service center needed a fast method of completing the cure to remain profitable. 
  • Size - The curing station needed to be able to apply heat in small, restricted areas.
  • Heat - Two Model 5194-04 Infrared Line Heaters were used to heat the adhesive and effect the cure. 
  • Instant On/Off - The quartz lamps in the Infrared Line Heaters heated up and cooled down instantly in response to power changes. 
  • System Integration - The heaters were mounted in a V-shaped, hand-held fixture. The fixture was attached to a transportable cabinet that contained power control and cooling systems for the heaters.


  • Portability - By integrating the Infrared Line Heaters with transportable power control and cooling systems, the service center was easily able to move the curing station between and within airplanes. 
  • Responsive Heat Source - The design of the Infrared Line Heaters, combined with the instant on/off capability of the lamps, cured the adhesive virtually instantly. 
  • Compact Size - The compact size of the Infrared Line Heaters (7.5 by 4.5 inches [190 by 114 mm] each), enabled the service center to use the curing station in small, restricted areas. 
  • Safe Heat Source - The instant on/off capability of the lamps ensured safe operation and transportation of the curing