ApplicationsHeat Soap to Remove Bubbles


A soap manufacturer removing bubbles that form on top of soap molds during the process of pouring heated, liquid soap into molds.

  • Hazard - Existing method used an open flame (propane torch) passed over the bubbles to expand the air in them and pop them.
  • Operator Required - A laborer was required to operate the propane torch.
  • Heat - A Model 5194 Infrared Line Heater was mounted two inches above the surface of the mold just beyond the location of the pouring spigots and before the cooling chamber which sets the soap in the molds. The 5194 produced the heat required to pop the bubbles.
  • Hazard Removed - The hazard of a open flame was removed from the process.
  • Operator-Free Process - The popping of the bubbles was accomplished without a laborer having to operate a heating mechanism.
  • Reduced Costs - The operator-free process enabled the manufacturer to save 16 hours of salary expense per day for each of three soap production lines.